Mineralogical peculiarities and distribution of garnet mineralizations in the region of Sakar Mountain, Southeast Bulgaria

Author: Nikoleta, Published:

Tzankova N., O. Vitov. 2006. Mineralogical peculiarities and distribution of garnet mineralizations in the region of Sakar, Southeast Bulgaria. – Ann. UnivMinGeol., 49, 1, Geol., 69-78 (in Bulgarian with English abstract).


Nikoleta Tzankova1, Oleg Vitov2

1University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”, Sofia 1700; niktzankova@abv.bg

2Central Laboratory of Mineralogy and Crystallography “Acad. Ivan Kostov”, BAS, Sofia 1113; vitov@abv.bg


ABSTRACT. The present paper provides data about morphology, size and chemical composition of garnets from the frame of Sakar pluton. The places of sampling are in the region of the villages Orlov Dol (mica schists), Hlyabovo (mica and chlorite schists), Oreschnik (mica schists), Planinovo (mica schists and amphibolites) and Dervischka Mogila (mica schists). The size of the studied garnets ranges from 0,70 to 60 mm. Their morphology is represented by {110} or by combinations of {110} with small {211} faces. All garnets are almandine rich (Alm 69,91-78,96 mol %) with varying amounts of the other end members. The aureoles of garnet distribution are investigated on the basis of data from National Geofund. A statistical study of the quantitive distribution of garnets and the probability of its finding in the probes is presented and the significant statistical correlates and miscorrelates are shown. The prognosticative maps are prepared in order to prospect garnet mineralization. Furrier model of the regularities in garnet distribution is worked out. Approximately 24 % of garnet presence in heavy concentrate probes is related to the metamorphic rim of the Sakar pluton and thus it marks clearly expressed stripes with NW-SE and NE-SW direction. The places with most quantities of garnet in heavy concentrate probes аre present in a Hlyabovo – Karabair stripe and eastern in the region of the Yavuz Dere valley.

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