Chemico-mineralogical characterization of ancient slags from Rosen Ore Field. Part 1 – Propadnala voda deposit

Author: Nikoleta, Published:


Stavrakeva, D., N. Tzankova. 2016. Chemico-mineralogical characterization of ancient slags from Rosen Ore Field. Part 1 – Propadnala voda deposit. – Univ. Min. Geol., 59, 1, Geol., 55-60 (in Bulgarian with English abstract).

ABSTRACT. The objects of this study are ancient slags from the vicinity of Propadnala voda deposit, Rosen ore field. With the methods of optical microscopy in transmitted and reflected light, X-ray powder diffraction, chemical analyses by ICP-OES, SEM and X-ray microanalyses, it was found that the slags consist mainly of iron-siliceous and iron-oxide phases. The analyzed samples are with high iron content, the presence of copper, sulfur, sulfide aggregates, impurities of phosphorous, cerium and lanthanum. Macroscopically and microscopically spherical drops of copper are observed in all studied samples. The analyzed slags are evidence of ancient metal production in the area around Propadnala voda deposit and represent a by-product product of copper mining activity in which the copper sulfide ore was processed.


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