Mystic topaz – natural but treated

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One of the fashionable minerals on the gemstone market in the last few years is so called mystic topaz. It is natural colorless (white) topaz that has been coated (applied with a thin layer of titanium to the pavilion of the stone), giving it a unique rainbow color effect. Mystic topaz is an enhanced natural topaz and possesses the physical properties of natural topaz such as hardness, specific gravity, refractive indices and so on. The quality of mystic topaz depends on the quality of the raw material. Since the treatment is a coating and affects only the surface of the stone, it is not a permanent enhancement. This type of treatment is applied to other stones also, for example mystic quartz.

Mystic topaz has also been called “mystic fire topaz”, “Alaska topaz”, “Alaskan ice”, “Caribbean topaz”, “rainbow topaz”, “Azotic topaz”, “Passion topaz” or “Mercury mist topaz”.